senior nutritionOne of the biggest enjoyments of life is the taste of your favorite food – the salty or sweet or spicy flavors you love so much melting against your tongue. But what if one day you lifted a forkful of your favorite dish to your lips, only to discover it tasted like sawdust? Unfortunately, for many seniors, the sense of taste can decrease substantially throughout the aging process, possibly as a result of a coordinating diminished sense of smell, less production of saliva, or a reduction in the number of taste cells over time. Diminishing taste can lead to less joy at mealtimes; however, there are a few ways to jumpstart the sense of taste. Try some of these tips:
  • Keep it hot – or cold. Taste may be enhanced by ensuring that foods are served at their intended temperatures.
  • Season well. Rather than increasing salt to try to boost flavor, try a healthier option: herbs and spices, citrus zest or juice, or vinegars.
  • Expand options. Avoid falling into the rut of eating the same foods by experimenting with new recipes and adding more variety to your diet.
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