Classified Ad for help at home   Ads like this appear in classified sections every week.  There is a loved one who can no longer manage one or more of the activities of daily living.  Help is needed!   While private caregivers can be the right choice in some situations, you might not have considered a home care agency like Cascade Companion Care to fulfill your need.  However, other people have found that the comprehensive services offered by an agency make much more sense.  We can save you a lot of time, stress and potentially serious liabilities that come with hiring someone independently.  

We Save You Time

  Finding the right caregiver takes careful planning and screening.  Once you’ve spent the time and expense to find the right match, what will you do if they quit suddenly, become ill or injured, or do not meet your expectations?  You will have to start your search all over again, potentially leaving your loved one without an immediate, suitable replacement.  Unfortunately, this is an all too common predicament.   With Cascade Companion Care, all it takes is a phone call to request a FREE in-home assessment.   The assessment gives us an opportunity to learn about your loved one in-depth, understanding both strengths and present deficits.  It gives you an opportunity to get to know us and ask any questions you might have.  Together with the client and family members, we craft a plan of care that outlines the specific supports and services required.  Then, we take it from there!  We have a staff of professionally trained caregivers ready to serve you.  We carefully match the caregivers to be compatible with the family they serve, providing a personal introduction.  We never send a stranger to your door!  If a caregiver gets sick or can no longer serve, we have ready replacements.    You can rest knowing that your loved one is in good hands at all times.  

We save You from Liability

  Taxes – According to the IRS, if you choose to hire someone directly as a caregiver, you are that person’s employer.  You must file for a Federal Identification number.  Your liability will include reporting wages, deducting the appropriate taxes, deducting and matching Social Security, paying employer obligations like unemployment, keeping wage records according to IRS standards, verifying his/her naturalization status and tracking hours to ensure that you pay overtime when necessary.  You will also be subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act as well as state labor laws.   Consequently, many families have tried to circumvent the above requirements by hiring their caregivers as independent contractors.  You should be aware that the government does not consider in-home caregivers eligible to be treated as independent contractors and may seek you out to pay back taxes and obligations.  We are seeing more and more people in tax trouble because they were unaware of the law.  We do not want to see that happen to you.   Worker’s Compensation – You are liable for any injuries that a non-agency caregiver suffers on the job, which means you could be leaving yourself open for the unpleasant reality of a lawsuit.  Unfortunately, many homeowners’ policies will not cover workers you hire privately.   With Cascade Companion Care, we’ve got you covered.  We are responsible for all bookkeeping, tax forms, deductions, record keeping, and worker’s compensation insurance.  

We’ll Save You From Unnecessary Stress

  I probably do not need to spend a lot of time highlighting the horror stories of elder abuse, theft, or other forms of criminal behavior sometimes associated with elder care.  How much is it worth to you to know that you, your loved one and your possessions are safe?   With Cascade Companion Care, our employees go through state and national background checks, personal and professional reference checks, and drug screening.  They are licensed, bonded and insured.  We select caregivers that we would hire for our own parents!   Click on the tab, “What our Clients are Saying” to see how others have found Cascade Companion Care to be exactly the help they needed!