Cascade Companion Care is proud to recognize Linda Evans as our October Caregiver of the Month. Linda Evans October Caregiver of the Month We had the pleasure of announcing Linda’s selection at our Quarterly Staff Meeting last week.  It was delightful to see her genuine surprise as her name was read, but that is how Linda is!  Her gentle, unassuming way is one of the things that has endeared her to her clients.  She demonstrates patient assistance, never rushing a client through tasks but slowing her pace to match theirs.   There was a recent case in which Linda has been providing care for over a year, but the client began to decline and was bed-ridden.  As the family gathered and held vigil, Linda found that the thing most needed was simply to sit beside the bed and hold her client’s hand.  The client’s family recognized that this was what their mom was most reassured by, and they extended Linda’s shift so that their mom could absorb her caring presence a little longer! Another example of Linda’s personal touch is how keen she is to learn the personal preferences of her clients.  Linda once helped us serve a woman who was very ill, offering respite and support to the husband who cared for her.  When the woman died, our care ended.  Recently, the husband’s own health deteriorated, and he sought out our services again.  Linda recalled how much this man loved her potato salad, and when she went out to serve her first shift, she renewed their connection through the personal touch of homemade potato salad.  Sometimes, it is these small gestures of kindness and honor that matter the most in expressing to a senior that life can continue to be good! Linda also impresses staff members because she is eager to grow professionally.  She takes advantage of learning opportunities, studies care plans thoroughly, and asks wonderful questions.  She is an active participant in refining care plans to reflect a client’s current needs.  She also wins high marks for being responsive and flexible when there are open shifts. Please join us in congratulating Linda Evans for her excellent work as a Cascade Companion Care caregiver!