Home Care AssistanceIt’s the truth: we’ve approached the season of sweets! From gingerbread cookies to delicious pies to candy canes and peppermint-laced cocoa, it’s tricky to overlook the large amount of sweet treats presented to us, and the wonderful holiday memories they evoke. But what consequence does this increased amount of sugar consumption have on our well-being, particularly for older persons and those of us who provide home care assistance to them? Sugar’s habit forming qualities are well recognized. It releases dopamine while triggering the reward center of the brain, and when an excessive amount is consumed, people establish a tolerance to these effects, requiring even more sugar - a vicious cycle. As if that weren’t troubling enough, added sugar (in contrast to naturally-occurring sugar) has been seen as a toxin that magnifies inflammation and raises risk of obesity, cardiovascular illnesses, and perhaps even breast cancer. For aging adults, too much sugar can increase cognitive impairment and contribute to difficulties with the chronic conditions that so many deal with. While it's true we absolutely don’t want to rob the holiday joy from older adults, it’s important to remember there are more healthy, yet still festive possibilities. Contact Cascade Companion Care for home care assistance with making well-balanced, flavorful dishes that follow dietary plans without compromising one’s health and well-being.