Let us look at some of the many responsibilities a caregiver has whilst looking after a patient in a home care environment.

The first area of responsibility is to the patient receiving home care.

  • The caregiver must fully understand the nature of any illnesses, the treatments being received and any emergency procedures to be followed should the client's condition worsen.
  • A patient is to be encouraged to be as independent as possible, this includes areas such as daily chores, exercise, their own medical treatment, etc. This can help towards a speedy recovery from illness or just maintain an elderly person's self worth.
  • Whilst receiving home care make sure a patients privacy and dignity are always maintained. For example an obvious setting is whilst assisting a patient with bathing or times of personal hygiene. Even medical information is considered private and confidential.
  • A caregiver must always be patient and understanding. Seniors or people with illness sometimes do not move, respond, think or act like you would wish them to. Questions might need repeating, time to walk certain distances will take longer, etc. Show genuine concern.
  • Always be observant. Signs of a condition getting worse, or even better, must never go unnoticed.
The patient's family or friends. Another area of responsibility for the caregiver is to the family or friends of the person receiving home care. These people are trusting you with the well being of a dearly loved friend/relative. They must always be made to feel welcome and not in the way of the patients care. This can be done with proper planning. The home care company - the employer. The final area of responsibility for the caregiver is to the home care company itself. Should there be any problems with the health, safety or well being of the elderly client or patient then the blame always goes right to the top. The caregiver is the face of the home care company and if a company has provided them with employment then they have responsibility to make sure they do their job to the best of their ability.

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